Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart


SuspenseRomanceNine Coaches Waiting Nine Coaches WaitingStewart, Mary; HarperTorch 2001WorldCat

 Linda Martin has taken on the job of being an English governess for a 11-year-old French count. She had lived in France until her parents died and was overjoyed to be returning to France. She finds a special emotional link with Phillipe de Valmy, the young boy in her care.

Yet the boy’s guardian, his uncle Leon de Valmy, looks like the devil. He unnerves Phillipe whenever the two are together. Linda and Phillipe learn to avoid the man whenever possible, although he spends time with his aunt Heloise each evening. Leon de Valmy has been the caretaker of the Chateau de Valmy for many years, long before Phillipe was born. The Chateau and its lands are the primary concern in his life.

Phillipe is an odd boy, lonely at the Chateau. Linda is able to befriend him and lift away some of his shadows. She also saves his life twice when accidents threaten him. She soon learns there is something more happening at the Chateau de Valmy. Will she be able to protect Phillipe? Will she find her own future as well?

This is classic Mary Stewart, the type of romantic mystery that drew me to her over twenty-five years ago. There is romance, suspense, shadows, accusations, and surprises. This one is fairly straightforward and the antagonists are fairly obvious. Yet the suspense is palpable. This one is good.

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