Nimisha’s Ship by Anne McCaffrey


Science Fiction

Nimisha's ship Nimisha’s ShipAnne McCaffrey; Ballantine Pub. Group 1993WorldCatOnce again Anne McCaffrey has written a fun, interesting novel featuring a strong female character. This takes place in Earth’s far future. Nimisha is the blood heir daughter of Lady Radzhua. But instead of following her mother’s lead into business and accounting, she has a mechanical bent that her father fosters when he visits.

Nimisha knows her duties as a First Family member. She learns protocol, manners, decorum, acumen, and other skills needed. She also joins her father and learns how to design, build and pilot spaceships. Since his blood heir son shows no interest in his business other than the money it produces, he plans on leaving the ship yards to Nimisha.

While Nimisha is testing a new design, she accidentally gets pulled through a wormhole to the other end of the galaxy. Now Nimisha is four years from home in an unknown area. She is separated from her family and the family business.

This is a thoroughly entertaining novel. It is classic star faring science fiction. Nimisha knows her own mind, yet knows how to work with other people as well. She is an excellent ship designer, but also a diplomat when needed. The people who are looking for her know she’ll do whatever it takes to survive. While not the best McCaffrey available, it’s a delightful one.

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