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Murder on Embassy Row (Capital Crime Mysteries) Murder on Embassy RowMargaret Truman; Fawcett 1985WorldCat“Whooosh-slurp!” Did you hear that? That was the sound of me getting sucked right into Murder on Embassy Row from the beginning pages. This mystery is set in the early 1980’s in Washington D.C. after the American hostages were released from Iran. Yet that situation is only the background. This story is about the contraband that was shipped afterwords.

Sal Morizio is a policeman on the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. When the British Ambassador is murdered, he is given the case for Public Relations only. He has orders to leave it alone and not investigate. Unfortunately, his interest has already been aroused. Then his friend in Security at the British Embassy is murdered and framed for drugs. Morizio knows the drug charge was false. He and his lover, Connie Lake, keep investigating.

As with all of Ms. Truman’s Capital Crime Series, this book reveals background politics of Washington. This time, though, it appears to be the politics of gourmet food, contraband caviar especially. There is an Iranian connection. I’ve always known Russian caviar was some of the best in the world. I never knew before that Iranian caviar is on the same level. Because of the hostage situation it is no longer permitted to be imported to the United States. This country had banned all trade with Iran.

Morizio and Lake are good protagonists. Truman will let her heroes keep going on their own convictions despite what it may do to their job. This appears to be a situation that if the two police officers follow their ethics they will lose their jobs and possibly more. Yet if they do not follow their own morals, they will lose themselves. This book has taken all its twists and turns to an unexpected conclusion.

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