Murder in the Sentier by Cara Black


MysteryMurder in the Sentier by Cara Black

Murder in the SentierCara Black; Soho Press 2002WorldCatAimee Leduc’s mother disappeared when she was young. Her mother, Sydney Leduc, may have been a terrorist – she was certainly an activist. Her father, Jean-Claude Leduc died years later in a terrorist’s bombing. He had been in the police, then moved to private security work in computers. Aimee has taken over his position. She and her friend Renee own a small business who specialize in computer security – and hacking.

Aimee has been haunted by her mother’s disappearance. Her father told her to forget about her mother, but Aimee couldn’t. The business is behind on income when she is approached by an older woman. Jutta Hald claims she shared a prison cell with Sydney Leduc years before. She wants money from Aimee for more information.

When Aimee later arrives at the arranged meeting place, she discovers Jutta Hald’s body – someone had shot the woman in the head while she was sitting on a bench. Now Aimee starts tracking back, trying to discover what Jutta Hald knew and find leads to where her mother is now. Her search brings up terrorism and activism back in the 1970’s that still affect some of the participants over 20 years later. She spends a lot of time in the Sentier neighborhood of Paris, a run down artists’ neighborhood trying to remake itself. The threads Aimee follow lead her in directions she never could have guessed.

Murder in the Sentier is full of dark overtones and sly undertones. Cara Black’s novel is set in the Paris that French people know, not tourists. The alley ways Murder in the Sentier takes twist around,keeping the reader off balance trying to pull together the mystery.

Aimee’s focus and need to find her mother shape the tone of the book. This search is more than a need – it’s an obsession that gets in the way of the rest of her life. She has always allowed her life to be shadowed by her mother’s disappearance. Murder in the Sentier plays on that, building the story on that focus.

At times it gets a bit difficult to keep up with Murder in the Sentier because the action gets dense and hard to follow. Cara Black is able to keep the reader involved, pulling the story through. This third book in the Aimee Leduc series is a good, shadowy novel.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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