Murder in the House by Margaret Truman


Murder in the House (Capital Crime Series , No 13) MysteryMurder in the HouseMargaret Truman; Fawcett 1998WorldCatPaul Latham is a respected Congressman who has been nominated as the new Secretary of State. Paul asks his friend Mac Smith to represent him at the hearings to confirm his nomination. Unfortunately, he is murdered before the hearings get started.

At the same time Latham’s friend, Warren Brazier, is a respected businessman with many business dealings in Russia. He is distressed not only over the death of a friend but also over the death of a man who has backed him as he expanded his interests. Just before he died Latham had been working on a bill that would have benefited Brazier’s current deal in the works.

After Latham’s death Mac is concerned not only for the family, but also for the missing scheduler. Marge Edwards has been Latham’s trusted assistant and disappears following the murder. Mac had promised to help her but is unable to find her. Mac finds himself involved with a grieving family, the FBI, and the CIA. What price will he have to pay to help uncover the murderer?

Truman has brought together a tale of intrigue in the House of Representatives of the United States. She uses her knowledge of American politics and studies of other cultures (in this case post Communist-Russia) to draw the reader into a well done mystery. Her characters are not as strong in this as some of her other novels, yet Latham’s daughter, Molly, shines in her small parts. Although not gripping, Murder in the House is one I can recommend for the suspense.

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