Murder at Fenway Park by Troy Soos


Historical MysteryMurder at Fenway Park by Troy Soos

Murder at Fenway ParkTroy Soos; Kensington Books 1994WorldCatMickey Rawlings was a major league baseball player. He played in the early part of the 20th century. Years later, he finds his own baseball card in the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. Looking at the other cards around his, he remembers playing for the Boston Red Sox the year Fenway Park opened.

His arrival at Fenway is full of wonderment and excitement. All that disappears when he makes a wrong turn and finds a body with the face bashed in. The baseball bat that had been used is on the ground beside the body. The team’s owner, Robert Tyler, gets together with the team security man, Jimmy Maculler, and Police Sargeant O’Malley to handle the situation. The body disappears and Mickey plays for the Red Sox.

Mickey cannot forget the shocking scene he had witnessed. He quietly starts asking questions. He finds subtle threats directed towards him. He takes the hazing rookies have to take and goes on to play baseball. Mickey knows he is not a great player, but a good utility player. He’ll never be a star, but he won’t let the team down, either. If he continues trying to discover what happened his first day in Fenway Park, though, he may not be able to play baseball again. He could land in jail, or worse, be found dead himself.

This is the first book in a mystery series that is a must for serious American baseball fans. It combines the mystery into the nostalgic earlier days of baseball. At one point, Ty Cobb is a suspect for the murder. Soos describes how the leagues worked in 1912 when this novel occurs. He brings to life the history of the game. And he entwines in a good mystery as well.

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