Moonspeaker by K.D.Wentworth


FantasyMoonspeaker by K.D.Wentworth MoonspeakerK.D. Wentworth; Del Rey 1994WorldCatHaemas Sennay Tal awakens from a faint to discover she has used her mind powers to attack and kill her father. She escapes from her cousin and breaks through the barrier from her part of their world to the lowlands where the others without mind powers live. There she hopes to hide, but instead is captured by a lowlander,Cale. Although Cale can’t control minds like she can, he is able to subdue and keep Haemas a prisoner with his troupe.

Both her cousin Jarid Tal and a Searcher, Kevisson Ekran Monmart, leave their high country to look for Haemas and bring her back for justice. They are able to use their mind powers to hide themselves from the lowlanders and search for Haemas. But there are powerful, god-like beings that want Haemas as well. She may be the only person who can keep their world from being destroyed by the men attempting to enter the Timeways.

Moonspeaker is a fantasy novel that is easy to follow yet deep enough that it is difficult to understand at times. K.D. Wentworth’s imagination pulls in threads that are complex and not fully explained until the book is finished. I know that others rate this novel highly, but I kept feeling like I was fighting my way through a fog. I stuck to it, though. Haemas is an interesting character and the antagonist is evil and twisted.

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