Moon Called by Patricia Briggs


Paranormal RomanceSupernaturalParanormal Mystery Moon Called by Patricia BriggsMoon CalledPatricia Briggs; Ace 2006WorldCatMercy Thompson is an auto mechanic in eastern Washington state. Her next door neighbor is a werewolf. In fact, he is the leader of the local werewolf enclave. Adam doesn’t bother Mercy, though. She is a shapeshifter herself, although not a werewolf. Plus, she was raised by werewolves. She knows how to live with them.

A young man shows up at her auto shop looking for work. She recognizes him as a newly made werewolf. He doesn’t understand what has happened to him. His story is unusual. He hadn’t asked to be bitten by an alpha with full knowledge of what could happen. Instead, he was turned, then kept in a cage and injected with some type of drugs. He finally escaped and now wants to work his way home to Chicago.

A werewolf needs a pack around him. She takes the boy to Adam. Later that night the boy shows up on her porch and Adam has been attacked. Now Mercy has to deal with the local witch, group of vampires, unknown werewolves, and the family who raised her. She also is caught up in some sort of threat to all werewolves. Someone on the inside (a werewolf) is trying to make some changes.

Moon Called is the first of a extraordinary paranormal series. Patricia Briggs has created a multi-layered supernatural world that could be hidden beneath our known society. This is urban fantasy at its best.

Briggs addresses the problems with the supernatural in the modern computer aged world. Moon Called shows how difficult it is for the supernatural creatures to hide their true nature. The national agencies know there is something different. One group of fae have already come out to the world. It may be time for the werewolves to consider doing the same.

Moon Called is excellent light urban fantasy. I’m buying the sequel soon (after I catch up on Nalini Singh‘s Psy Changling series).

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