Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan


Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan

Romance Montana LegacyR. C. Ryan; Forever 2010WorldCatWhen he was a kid on the family ranch in Montana, Jesse McCord’s best friends were his two cousins. But Wyatt and Zane were moved away by their parents by the times they were teens. Jesse stayed on the ranch with his grandfather Coot McCord. Coot was certain that there was gold hidden somewhere on the ranch from about 100 years earlier. He spent his life looking for the treasure with no results.

Coot has now died. Wyatt and Zane return for the funeral. After listening to the terms of Coot’s will, they stay despite Jesse’s objections and resentment. Wyatt and Zane aren’t the only ones who have returned to the small town of Gold Fever. Amy Parrish has also returned. While in high school Jesse was in love with her. Then she left for Helena without a word and never returned. Her father hated Coot McCord. He is now very ill and Amy has returned home for his sake.

Now Jesse is dealing with his cousins’ return by ignoring them or picking fights with them. Until some bikers come into Gold Fever and pick on Jesse. That starts to break down the walls. The three of them start working with obscure clues Coot left lying around, turning them into a puzzle and fitting them together. Now Jesse has a chance to get back his childhood happiness with his cousin. Can he repair the damage between him and Amy as well?

Montana Legacy is a delightful romance that’s predictable but has a bit of mystery to add a twist. The mystery solution is a bit out of left field. But the relationships between Jesse, Amy, and his cousins are pleasing. This is a light romance, true to its genre. R.C. Ryan has created likeable people with believable interactions. She has also created a couple characters in the town of Gold Fever to give the novel some flair as well.

Montana Legacy is pure fun entertainment. R.C. Ryan (aka Ruth Ryan Langan) has two more novels for Wyatt and Zane due out this year.

Notice:  Strong sexual content

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