Montana Glory by R.C. Ryan


Montana Glory by R.C. Ryan

Romance Montana GloryR. C. Ryan; Forever 2010WorldCatThe McCord ranch is a busy, active business in Montana. Zane and his cousins, Jesse and Wyatt, had inherited the ranch from their grandfather. Their ranch foreman, Cal Randall, can’t keep up with the paperwork because he’s so busy with the day to day work. The four men agree to bring in an accountant to straighten up the paperwork. Riley Mason was highly recommended by their Helena accounting firm. They hope the man can get things under control.

Zane is the first one to meet Riley – a good looking single mom. The family offers Riley and her four-year-old daughter Summer room and board at the ranch. Riley had thought she’d need child care for Summer in the small town nearby and to drive an hour each way for work daily. She quickly accepts. She has another, private reason as well. She and Summer would be tucked away and difficult to locate.

The longer Riley and Summer are there, the more Zane finds himself attracted to both of them. He can’t understand why he is attracted to the mother. She isn’t one for a fling and he won’t have any more than that in his life. He saw what his mother did to his father. If it weren’t for his cousins and grandfather, he wouldn’t have had any sense of family. His cousins are very happy with their new wives, but it’s not for him. Despite that, he gets more involved with both mother and daughter.

Riley can’t afford to get involved with anyone. She may be hidden away in Montana, but for how long? She has to keep her daughter safe. She loves her job, their small suite, and their life on the ranch. Summer can spend time in the office with her mother but doesn’t get in the way. Zane takes the girl to the horse stables each morning. Amy, Jesse’s wife, takes her each afternoon for classes. The girl is thriving. Riley is doing a superb job with the bookkeeping and office work. If only she can be sure she and Summer are not found.

Montana Glory is fairly predictable. It is the third book of a trilogy about the cousins and a romance. Of course Zane is going to fall for Riley. Of course she’s going to have a secret to build suspense. It’s a secret that could get her – or her daughter – killed. There is a side romance that has been building throughout the trilogy involving the foreman, Cal. It’s one that should have been settled years ago, but both have kept from making the first move.

Predictable or not, Montana Glory is a fun read and satisfying with its happy-ever-after ending. The characters stay flat except for Summer. Even then, she is advanced for a four-year-old. I know one who is pretty bright who doesn’t think the more sophisticated thoughts Summer seems to have. Other times she is just short of being too cute. R.C. Ryan uses her effectively to bring all the generations on the ranch together.

The treasure hunt from the first two books is also brought to a close. Riley is a large part of their final discovery about the supposed gold claim that has been family legend for over 100 years.

Montana Glory is a heart warmer that will please any romantic.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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