Montana Destiny by R.C. Ryan


Montana Destiny by R.C. Ryan

Romance Montana DestinyR. C. Ryan; Forever 2010WorldCatWhen Wyatt McCord was forced to leave the McCord ranch with his parents as a young teen, he rebelled. He didn’t want to leave his cousins. He grew into a man who has traveled the world and was wild. When his grandfather he returned to the ranch. Now he is home again and at peace. He knows this is where he belongs and is sorry he hadn’t returned earlier. He and his cousins Jesse and Zane have made their peace and are once again growing close. They also agree to take on their grandfather’s quest to search for the hidden treasure that is supposed to be on their land.

Wyatt’s recklessness hasn’t completely left him. He bets he can ride the rodeo bull. He does, then carefully plans to be thrown and fall at the emergency medic’s feet. Marilee Trainor had been raised by a strict military father and submissive mother. She moved to Gold Fever and felt she found a place where she could settle in and be independent. She like her job, loves to fly, and enjoys running her own life. Wyatt McCord threatens to shake up her life.

Soon after the rodeo she stumbles across some documents from the McCord men’s grandfather regarding the treasure. She takes them and gives them to Wyatt. She had found them in one of the Gold Fever’s resident’s home after helping the woman after a nasty fall who needed medical help. She feels guilty about how she procured them and happy that she passed them on. She doesn’t know that someone else didn’t want those papers found. Now both she and Wyatt are in danger. When her plane goes down, they are both in more danger than either realizes.

Montana Destiny is an enjoyable, comfortable romance story. Ryan tries to build the tension with the situation and near death misses. While they move the story along, they don’t take the story up from a pleasant tale. Yes, I like this book. I like the characters. Reading this was a good escape. I’m looking forward to the third book in the series. Besides hooking up the last cousin, Zane, they will hopefully locate and unearth Grandpa Coot’s hidden treasure.

Notice:  Strong sexual content

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