Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes


General Fiction Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes Mister WonderfulDaniel Clowes; Pantheon Books 2011WorldCatMarshall is a middle aged man who has been set up on a blind date by a friend and the friend’s wife. He is waiting in the coffee shop for Natalie to show up. But it is ten minutes after the time they were supposed to meet. Now he is sitting here waiting for her. His self esteem, which isn’t high in the first place, is plummeting lower. His imaginary life goes round and round remembering what has happened to his romantic life. He also begins imaging what his future, empty life will be like.

Marshall finally gets to meet Natalie. Now his own thoughts overrun what she is saying. She seems to have her own issues, including the end of her long term relationship with a man. Is there a chance for the two of them to get to know each other?

Daniel Clowes’ Mister Wonderful A Love Story is a graphic novel for adults. From the beginning the reader can get a feel for Marshall’s personality and insecurities. Clowes’ artwork is in subdued colors with gray undertones. Marshall is a balding man who wears dark rimmed glasses and seems to be in his 40’s.

Marshall’s thoughts reflect his life and contribute to the atmosphere of Mister Wonderful. When Natalie is talking while he’s thinking, Clowes draws the thought square over part of her of verbal balloons.

There are also two pages devoted to Marshall’s friend and wife that make a cute aside.

Mister Wonderful A Love Story is only concerned with the beginning of Marshall and Natalie’s relationship. Clowes gives insights into a man’s thoughts and fears. Relationships are easy – no matter what age and what sex.

This graphic novel is good. The art and words match well, making it a book that can make you chuckle and make you empathize. I rarely read graphic novels for grown ups. This one, though, I recommend to anyone who is trying to start a new relationship and put aside the past.

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