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Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle Midnight CrystalJayne Castle; Jove Books 2010WorldCatAdams Winters has been appointed the new Boss of the Frequency Guild. His job is to clean up the corruption rampant within the Frequency Guild. He has other problems to care for first. There’s an alien psi disruption in the Underground. If it’s not repaired the Underground and the Old Cities above ground will all be destroyed. That would cause chaos on Harmony because that’s their major power and monetary source.

He also has a personal problem. His own abilities are changing. He needs to find the Burning Lamp from Winters family legends. He also needs a strong dreamlight reader to help him access the lamp’s powers. When Marlowe Jones meets him to tell him the Burning Lamp has been stolen from the Arcane Society vaults, he knows he has met the right woman. Marlowe is a strong dreamlight reader. She also happens to be the head of J&J, a centuries old psychical detective agency that came from Earth before the curtain closed on Harmony. She is from the Jones family, the scions of the Arcane Society. The Jones family and the Winters family have been wary of each other since Sylvester Jones and Nicholas Winters fell out in the 16th century or so.

Both Adam and Marlowe come from a long line of psychically gifted families. The added alien psi on Harmony is also strong in Adam, giving him the ability to be a Guild Boss. But without Marlowe, he is powerless. Together they must locate the lamp, straighten up his psychic abilities, locate the corruption within Frequency Guild, and, oh yes, save all of Harmony.

The build up for Midnight Crystal is marvelous. Unfortunately, Jayne Castle’s book didn’t hold up the promise. The book is good as part of the Ghost Hunters series, the Arcane Society Series, and as the final in the Dreamlight trilogy. But it doesn’t satisfy. It feels like Castle, real name Jayne Ann Krentz, rushed through Midnight Crystal to finish up the story. The characters are drawn as strong, but not crisp. I’ve read all the books in the series, so of course bought Midnight Crystal as soon as it was available.

The book is fair reading. The elements are there, but it is disjointed. There are these different plot elements that finally tie together, but don’t seem to affect each other throughout the book as they should have.

If you have read previous books in the different series, you’ll want to read Midnight Crystal. If you haven’t, don’t start with this one. Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz has better novels published. Choose one of them, instead.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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