Memory Man by David Baldacci


Memory Man by David BaldacciSuspenseA year and a half ago Amos Decker’s wife, daughter, and brother-in-law were murdered in his home while he was working. He was a police detective then. Now he is jobless, living in a hotel, overweight, depressed, and relives that night over and over. Decker had a football head injury when he was in his 20s and now remembers every detail of everything he has experienced including the gruesome scene he found when he arrived home that night.

His ex-partner comes up to him one morning. A man walked into the police department that morning and confessed to the murders. There had been no trail and after 18 months, the case remains unsolved. So why would this man suddenly decide to confess? Decker goes down to the police station to meet the man. The man’s confession gets lost, though, when there is a shooting at the local high school. A gunman walked in, kills students and teachers, and disappears.

The dying small town in Midwest America suddenly becomes the focus of the country. Amos’ s tragedy is brushed aside. Except he knows something isn’t right. He looks over the scene after the high school shooting. He agrees to work as a consultant for the police, especially when he realizes the current devastation is connected to his own personal tragedy.

David Baldacci’s cleverness and skill wind together to bring a story that grips and yanks the reader into his world. Amos Decker isn’t the dashing hero or the government agent who bends the rules or a smart aleck detective or any of the many other suspense novel main characters. His quirky brain remembers every detail even when he doesn’t recognize the significance of what is happening. His emotions have been dulled. He doesn’t understand nuances but takes everything literally.

The mystery’s trail in Memory Man leads no where, then starts twisting around on itself. Everything seems senseless to the book’s police and detectives and the reader. But again Decker’s brain is different, and the police and the reader follow along, not understanding until Decker can explain. What goes on in the head of a mass murderer? No one knows for sure, thank goodness, but Baldacci takes a good stab and showing this one through Decker’s eyes.

Memory Man is an edgy quick paced suspense novel that is violent but not overwhelming. (OK, near the end Memory Man has some creepy scenes…) Once you’ve started, you won’t want to put it down.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong language

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