Mean Woman Blues by Julie Smith


MysteryMean Woman Blues by Julie Smith

Mean Woman BluesJulie Smith; Forge Books 2004WorldCatIt has been two years since Errol Jacomine fled New Orleans. Police detective Skip Langdon knows he will come back for her. He hates her and wants her dead. At the beginning of the book a sniper shoots at her. A walker by heard the shot and pushed them both out of the way. No one prove who it was, but the New Orleans police department knows Jacomine was behind the shooting.

In the meantime, someone has been stealing ornate sculptures from old tombs in the New Orleans historic graveyards. Skip has been put in charge of the task force that is to find the thieves. Officially she is not allowed to follow up on Jacomine. Unofficially, though…

David Wright is the latest talk show host craze on a Dallas cable station. “Mr. Right” is determined to right the wrongs done to people. Terri Whittaker followed some poor advice and now is caught up in a bank scam. She has been arrested for fraud. Terri is appalled because other than traffic tickets, she obeys the law. She goes to jail until her boyfriend, Isaac can bail her out. She sees Mr. Right’s show when it is broadcasted in New Orleans. She is sure he can help her.

Julie Smith has another winner with Mean Woman Blues. Although the threads are revealed and woven together early in the book, though whole novel is needed to weave the cloth. It is tight and well written. Smith is able to bring together the Jacomine story, the graveyard ornaments, and the accidental bank fraud to give the reader an entertaining novel.

I had been glad we had been given a reprieve from Jacomine in the previous novel of the series, 82 Desire. But the Jacomine story fits well in the Mean Woman Blues cloth.

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