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Review by Molly (20+ years classroom teacher)

My resident critics settled in for the reading. Wynona, Oklahoma 4th graders suffer no fools lightly, if you want to make it with this discerning crowd you had better have good writing, good illustrations and a good tale to tell.  I took my ARC to school, the kids are used to being part of the review process and like to voice their opinions regarding books I receive for my “book reports.”

Marvin Monster’s Teacher Jitters passed the critical eyes and ears of twelve dedicated ten year olds.  Marvin and his buddies are aghast, Grim Castle Elementary is in turmoil.  Mr Stein is no longer the teacher for Marvin and his class.  Mr Stein’s promotion to assistant principal means a new teacher.  Rumors are rampant, she is said to be mean AND powerful. And, to top it all off today is the day the class was to go on their field trip to the Haunted Hall of Fame. Rowland Werewolf alerted them with,  I think I smell a teacher.  Marvin popped a few crispy bugs to settle his nerves, Gretchen Goblin whispered, she gives lots of homework, and Bobby Zombie moaned his worry that she won’t let them have any more recess. Worst of all, she just might snap you into a human if you didn’t watch out!

The door opened and THERE SHE WAS!

What a fun read!  I like it, the ten-year-olds liked it, and I’m going to try it out this year on my new resident critics, 14 bright-eyed six-year-old first graders.

Readers are treated to a day with Marvin Monster and his buddies from Grim Castle Elementary School as they go on a field trip around their town called Marshville. Marvin and the other kids, zombies, goblins, werewolves, and banshees learn an essential lesson about the value of not listening to rumors. Marvin Monster’s Teacher Jitters by talented author Tabatha Jean D’Agata proves to be just the thing for youngsters facing a new school year or other new situation.

Marvin Monster’s Teacher Jitters can serve to lighten the concerns of children facing unfamiliar situations. It is a good springboard for class discussions for those kids having apprehension with nervousness, shyness or trepidation regarding figures of command in classroom or other settings.

Kids revel in fun, creepy, educational reading. Book 2 in a scary, creepy series that teaches fundamental social skills Marvin Monster’s Teacher Jitters fits the bill. Kids will learn an important lesson from Marvin a captivatingly ghastly monster and his acquaintances. In Marvin’s strangely wonderful society, chomping gators and swooping vultures recycle trash at the recycle center, not so terrifying slime eating witches teach school  bats sort mail at the post office while stamp licking lizards wait to serve, and flying gremlins re-shelve or fetch books in the library. Parents, teachers and kids are sure to like Marvin and his adventures in this easily read chapter book meant for the 8 to 10 year old crowd. A read to book for the 6 to 8 year olds, read alone with some help for the 9s and read alone for the 10s.

Fun read, happy to recommend.

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