Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie Lane


Romance Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie Lane

After five years in Hollywood, Hope Scroggs has returned home to Bramble, Texas. She doesn’t want to admit she couldn’t make it as an actress. Her back up plan is to come home and marry the guy from her youth, Slate Calhoun. When she returns to Bramble, though, Slate is marrying her twin sister. Now Hope has to hold her head up, get to know her new sister, and find her new place in Bramble.

Unfortunately for her, Colt Lomax is visiting Bramble. He is her best friend’s brother. He also was the town bad boy in their high school days and now spends his life working on and riding motorcycles. He enjoys the freedom of the open road. He still has bad feelings for the small town. He had grown up poor and was always in trouble. While he lived there he always did what he could to annoy the town princess, Hope Scroggs.

Colt doesn’t plan to stay for very long. But his sister Shirleen convinces him to stay a few days. Then he stays a few days more because of Hope. Then he leaves for the same reason. But Hope and Bramble keep pulling him back.

In Going Cowboy Crazy Katie Lane introduced her readers to Bramble, Texas. Bramble is a Western Texas town that relies on one oil company to keep going. The most important things are high school football and the oil company. The people all know each other and their histories. There are very few secrets in the town.

Of course the main focus of Make Mine a Bad Boy is the hot romance between Hope and Colt. It’s an enjoyable, predictable story with a few twists to keep the reader pulled in. The two return to their adversarial relationship – yet have that attraction that neither can deny. It will make any romantic’s heart flutter. It’s a fun book with hot cowboys and sexy women – what more can you ask?

Underneath, though, is the story of Bramble. Lane has pulled in the problems many small towns are currently facing and made them a strong backdrop for her stories.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content

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