Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings



Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad, Book 3) Magician’s GambitDavid Eddings; Del Rey 1986WorldCat

Garion continues traveling with Belgareth and Polgara. Garion now understands their quest is of grave importance. Their group has grown, including members of different the Kingdoms. The one most annoying to Garion is Ce’Nedra, the Tolnedran princess who has joined them.

Belgareth and Polgara travel as quickly as they can to meet other sorcerers and people who can aid in the mission they have ahead of them. At different stops the prophecy they are trying to fulfill is discussed. Garion is beginning to realize and recognize the power within himself. His grandfather and aunt help him in this schooling.

Magician’s Gambit continues the Belgariad saga. While it is also not a stand alone book, Magician’s Gambit is too good to put down. I may have to find the other two and finish this series soon. Eddings’ characters catch hold and don’t want to let go.

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