Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold by Terry Brooks



Magic kingdom for sale--sold! Magic Kingdom for Sale–Sold!Terry Brooks; Ballantine Books 1987WorldCatBen Holiday is a lawyer who noticed a strange wishbook catalog ad, “Magic Kingdom for sale.” His wife has died and he feels his life is rotten as it is, and it is time for a change. He answers the ad.

Ben certainly was not expecting a real magic kingdom. Yet upon following directions after his payment, he travels to Landover and becomes their ruler. But Landover is not the normal magic kingdom. It is a run down kingdom that does not recognize any new king. Ben finds himself living in a beautiful castle, Sterling Silver, with a magician, a talking dog (blame the magician for that), and a wood nymph.

I have not yet been able to read Terry Brooks’ Shanarra series and was not sure if I would like any of his other work. But this book caught my imagination immediately. Ben had to travel into the Blue Ridge Mountains to find the entrance to Landover. Most of our fantasy stories take us into wondrous worlds. Instead, this one is in trouble.

Ben find he is to be king of a kingdom that does not want him. There is already a sworn enemy, and myths of special heroes who do not seem to exist but are needed.

This book is fun. The humor is wonderful, yet the book weaves a fascinating tale as well. I was immediately hooked into this book. Since the original book came out, Brooks has written sequels to it. Fantasy lovers should enjoy this book.

After you’ve read this book, visitScience Fiction Book a Minute . They have an abridged version of this book that you can read in a minute or less. Great humor!

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