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Lucan LucanSusan Kearney; Grand Central Publishing 2009WorldCat

The chemical toxins in the Earth’s atmosphere have come together and created a poisonous mix, turning humans sterile. Lucan Roarke has studied the past in hope of changing the future. He knows ancient languages and especially well versed in the Arthurian legends. He is able to speak telepathically with his twin sister Marisa, so he feels her grief over her miscarriages – the ones every woman on Earth are also experiencing. Lucan is certain that the Holy Grail from the legends could cure the sterility.

While exploring the caves in Wales with Marisa, they find some new maps and runes that lead him to believe the Grail is on another planet. He finds an astronomical map that shows the route to the planet Avalon. He makes plans to go there, finding the monetary backing he needs for such a journey.

Lady Cael is the high priestess on Pendragon. She is also a Healer, but has to stay separate from people in her role at their leader. There is an area called Avalon that has been sealed off by electronic shields of some sort for centuries. Now the ground under it is breaking away. The people on Pendragon believe the Holy Grail is housed inside it. They are trying to break down the shields before the ground, building, and all its contents disappear. Cael has a personal reason for wanting the Grail. Her nephew is dying of cancer. The legends say the Grail could cure his disease.

Lucan spent many years in space, then three more years on Pendragon learning the language, the culture, and the scientific knowledge he needs. Now he is on the team that is trying to bring down the shields around Avalon. When the lab is attacked and catches fire, Lucan is with Cael and they are blamed. Now the high priestess and the scientist are on the run. That’s when they start learning each other’s deepest secrets. And Lucan discovers he has more in common with the people on Pendragon than he realizes.

The two stay together, trying to elude capture, and working together to find the Grail. Cael knows he wants it for his sister. She doesn’t know he’s from a completely different planet. He knows she’s sacred on her planet. He doesn’t know how special she really is. They are strongly attracted to each other but he keeps denying their attachment. He knows he has the return to Earth with the Grail and she is the leader of Pendragon. She knows he’s the man for her, even more that he could expect or understand.

Susan Kearney has taken the Arthurian legends of the Grail, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake,and the battles with the Tribes and gives them a new twist. Lucan is the first of a series – possibly of 12 because there were 12 Knights of the Round Table – and twelve planets on the astronomical map Lucan finds.

This is an enjoyable paranormal romantic suspense novel. The ideas are new and the twisting of the story keeps the reader’s attention. It mires down occasionally, but not for long. I was able to put it down for a day or two at a time. Yet it also doesn’t let go. It’s good for its genre, I recommend Lucan.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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