Low Pressure by Sandra Brown


Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseLow Pressure by Sandra Brown Low Pressure
Sandra Brown; Grand Central Pub. 2012

When she was 12, Bellamy Lyston’s older sister was murdered during a tornado in Austin. His father’s business had a family business picnic in a local park. When Susan’s body was found after deadly storm, it was apparent she had been strangled rather than having been killed by the storm.

The police wanted to arrest Susan’s boyfriend, Dent Carter, but he had been flying with his mentor that day. Even so, the stigma of their suspicion and his involvement remains years later. The only thing that has rescued him for these 20 or so years has been his love of flying. He worked for a large airline, but now owns his own Cessna and flies charters out of Austin.

Bellamy wrote a novel based on the events of her sister’s murder. She wrote it from a 12-year-old’s point of view and used an anonymous name. Even so, someone ferreted out the truth. Now she is being hounded by the paparazzi for more. The people they identify from her book also attract attention from one reported from a sensational tabloid. When she returns to Austin after cancelling her book promotion tour, she is followed by the reporter. When she meets with an angry Dent Carter, the reporter isn’t far behind.

Unfortunately, neither is someone else. Bellamy returned to Austin to be with her dying father and to excise her demons. But another person from the past considers her to be the demon. Now she must die, along with Dent Carter. They were the ones that created all the trouble. They’re the ones who must still pay.

Despite being one of the love interests in Sandra Brown’s Low Pressure, Dent Carter is not a likeable character. He’s a crass loner who only has one friend and a great love of flying. By the end he has turned around his life and discovers what has been missing in it. (This IS a romantic suspense, so of course all will work out.) It turns out he’s hiding a heroic character. But I never found him to be likeable.

Brown tells the mystery of Susan’s death from a 20 year later viewpoint very well, keeping the reader guessing until near the end. Although a man had been convicted for Susan’s murder, Bellamy and others still had their doubts. He may have been railroaded by a gung ho attorney and police officer. Brown takes the reader up one path and down another as she gets to the final, startling conclusion.

Despite the so-so romance, Low Pressure is a satisfying, tense mystery that keeps the reader’s attention.

Notice: Strong sexual content, Non-graphic violence, Strong language

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