Love Bytes by Sally Chapman


Cozy Mystery

Love Bytes by Sally ChapmanLove BytesSally Chapman; St. Martin’s Press 1994WorldCatJulie Blake has left her high stress career in the computer world to start an investigation company with her lover, Vic Paoli. Their goal is to specialize in assisting companies with their computer security.

But one of their first actual clients does not need a PC security system checked out. She wants her fiance, a virtual reality programmer, found. He is out on bail from a charge of embezzlement from his prior software development company. He has disappeared.

Vic quickly accepts the job even though it is not their designated work. Soon Julie and Vic find themselves involved in embezzlement, virtual reality, and murder. Plus they are starting a business and solidifying a personal relationship. Things are not easy for them.

This book is enjoyable. It never pulls the reader to the edge of the seat, yet maintains the mystery. Julie is threatened early on through a poem hacked into her computer. She does not know how prophetic those words are until the last few pages of the book. This is a light diversion.

Love Bytes is out of print. If interested, check your library.

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