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Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next Novels) Lost in a Good BookJasper Fforde; Penguin (Non-Classics) 2004WorldCatAfter the Eyre Affair, Thursday Next is a national celebrity in England. She just wants to return to Swindon, her new home, and her job in LiteraTech. But everyone knows Thursday now and it’s difficult to stay anonymous. She is pushed into appearing on the Adrian Lush talk show. She is being followed by the new head of Goliath corporation. And someone might be trying to kill her – maybe.

She keeps finding herself in the middle of strange coincidences that could cause her death. It’s only due the unusual twists that affect her left that she escapes. Her Uncle Mycroft, the man who provided her access into Jane Eyre has retired and disappeared. The CEO of Goliath wants his half-brother back from The Raven. But Thursday can’t get back into the poem now without Mycroft. Schitt-Hawse makes a deal – if she gets his half-brother back, she can have her kidnapped husband.

Then, of course, is Thursday’s work with Miss Havisham. But that’s yet another story…

Once again Jasper Fforde has a wonderful book with stories within stories, mysteries, and science fiction. The best of all, of course, are the plays on words. Like the first book in the series, Fforde’s tongue is in his cheek continuously. It’s as much fun to catch the word play as it is to follow Thursday’s story. He takes the wonderful vision he created in The Eyre Affair and continues it with success. But this one left me hanging. When can I get to the next Next novel?

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