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Lords and Ladies Lords and LadiesTerry Pratchett; HarperTorch 1996WorldCatElves are cute, helpful creatures – ask any human. If you ask Granny Weatherwax or Nanny Ogg, though, the two witches will tell you a different story. Elves are malevolent creatures who love to wreak havoc and destroy humans. They try to sneak from their alternate reality into Discworld, take over human minds, then spread their cruelty. Only one thing stops or hurts them – iron.

Centuries earlier large iron laden stones were put in circles around the areas of Discworld where the fabric of reality is thin between the different worlds. Over the years, elves were forgotten, relegated to the world of myths. The Dancer circles become oddities. Only a few people retained the memories of the purpose of the large stones.

Like all of the Discworld books, Lords and Ladies is a humorous tale. I often found myself laughing out loud. (Check out Nanny Ogg’s Carrot and Oyster Pie.) Casanunda is fun, especially when he is courting Nanny Ogg. He’s the world’s second greatest lover – he tries harder. Ridcully, the head wizard of Unseen University, recalls a lost love. I was surprised and amused when she was revealed. They get the Librarian away from his library. He’s not always safe outside of the Unseen University.

Lords and Ladies moves right along, letting the reader enjoy a fun ride. Terry Pratchett takes his established characters, throws in some new ones and a new situation, and gives us another novel to enjoy. Chuckle, laugh out loud, and appreciate Lords and Ladies. I did.

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