Looking for Rachel Wallace by Robert B. Parker



Looking for Rachel Wallace Looking for Rachel WallaceRobert Parker; Dell 1987WorldCatI do enjoy Parker’s Spenser novels. Spenser’s character is well done and quite believable. In this one, Spenser is hired as a body guard for a radical gay feminist author who barely tolerates chauvinistic men. She reluctantly accepts Spenser to guard her, then fires him after a couple days because he continues to protect her his way, not the way she wants so she can make her statement.

Or course Rachel Wallace, the feminist author, is kidnapped after she has released Spenser. He now feels obligated to find her. She was his responsibility, he knew, even if she didn’t want him hovering over her. So he starts looking for her and following his leads.

The relationship between Spenser and Rachel is very vibrant and abrasive. Spenser shows his tolerance for lifestyles, but intolerance for insensitivity and rudeness. I could almost hear some of their conversations out loud, as well as some he had with Susan. After Rachel fired Spenser, Susan berated him for the same actions when he repeated the story.

This is an excellent book. Spenser sounds like a real person. The story takes its related and unrelated twists and turns.

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