Long Upon the Land by Margaret Maron


Cozy MysteryLong Upon the Land by Margaret MaronWhen Kezzie Knott, Judge Deborah Knott’s father, finds a man’s body on his property, he contacts his son-in-law, Sheriff Dwight Bryant. The man appeared to have his head bashed in, then bled to death. As Dwight starts investigating he learns the man abused his wife and had no friends. He also had a grudge against Kezzie. Rumors start flying around Dobbs, North Carolina. Perhaps Kezzie is responsible for the man’s death. Dwight doesn’t seem to be investigating very deeply, does he?

After her brother gives her her mother’s cigarette lighter, Deborah begins to wonder more about her mother and how her parents got together. Sue was a local socialite from a wealthy family. Kezzie was a tobacco farmer and bootlegger (although never caught and arrested for it). The lighter is another piece of the puzzle – a gift to Sue during the war from an acquaintance who didn’t return. Dwight investigates the murder and Deborah tries to learn more of her family history.

Long Upon the Land also tells Sue and Kezzie’s story. Chapters slip back to the 1940s when the two met and fell in love. Socially they were opposites but once Sue met widower Kezzie Knott and his sons, she knew where she wanted to spend her life.

Margaret Maron finishes up her Deborah Knott series with Long Upon the Land. It’s a pleasing story with comfortable characters. There’s a murder mystery that takes unexpected turns. There’s a romance from over a half a century ago that is still relevant to the couple’s children and grandchildren. There’s the surrounding North Carolina and small town atmosphere.

Long Upon the Land is an interesting story and gratifying end to this series. If we’re lucky, Maron will change her mind in the future. If not, Long Upon the Land is a good ending.

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