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MysteryLong Lost by Harlan Coben

Long LostHarlan Coben; Dutton 2009WorldCatMyron Bolitar is in a good place in his life. His business is going well and has expanded. He is dating a wonderful woman and her children like him. Then a voice from his memory called him on the phone. “Come to Paris” Terese Collins requests. As important as Terese has been to him in the past, he hasn’t seen or heard from her in seven years. Then his afternoon with a local thug and a scene with his girlfriend make him realize he needed to leave the small town where he lives for a while. He goes to Paris.

Terese needs Myron’s help to locate her ex-husband. He had gone to Paris and called Terese about something she “needed to know”. By the time Myron arrives, her ex-husband has been murdered. Blood of their daughter was also found at the murder scene. The problem is that Terese’s only child had died in an automobile accident ten years earlier, before she had ever met Myron. DNA tests don’t lie. Terese was in a coma after the accident. Perhaps her daughter was alive after all?

Myron, Terese, and Myron’s close friend Win get embroiled in more than they can guess. Soon they have had to deal with the French homicide police, Interpol, Scotland Yard, Homeland Security, and a Middle Eastern terrorist group.

I really like the first half of Harlan Coben’s book. Then ending catches the reader with more shocks. Unfortunately, the third quarter gets surreal and takes away from the impact of Long Lost overall. Given the scenario Coben built, I suppose it is possible. Yet the interactions and interrogations really don’t fit with a man who accidentally stumbles over huge world plots.

From glancing through other reviews, it seems Long Lost is not the typical Myron Bolitar books. Based on the parts I liked, I’ll have to pick up more of these.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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