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Lisey's Story Lisey’s StoryStephen King; Scribner 2006WorldCatScott Langdon, the acclaimed and prize winning author, had died two years earlier. Lisey, his widow, finally decides to start going through his writing studio and clean it out. Her sister Amanda comes the first day and uses her OCD to go through all the magazines and finds pictures of Scott and Lisey. Lisey ignores Amanda’s worries and instead focuses on the small silver shovel that brought back 15 year old memories.

Scott had never been easy. His unusual childhood affected his life. Lisey learned that Scott had another world where he could escape if he was in trouble in our world. He laughed that the Langdons always heal quickly. He made her realize she was his anchor. Their lives were full of married understanding and language. But when Amanda goes into a catatonic state and uses Scott’s word for a special joke Lisey realizes Scott has left a way to help her.

She is being stalked by a man who idolized Scott’s work and feels Lisey should let the author’s last work go to the public. Does “Zack McCool” really want her to release Scott’s papers or instead to torture and kill her? Will Scott be able to help Lisey two years after his death?

Stephen King brings a poignant picture of a 25 year marriage through Lisey’s veil of memories. It is realistic, not idealized picture in Lisey’s memories. He adds his King touch in the stalker, along with some nasty violence, and Scott’s young life and supernatural other reality. Lisey’s Story also has a strong secondary story line in the relationship of the four sisters – Lisey, Manda, Darla, and Canty. In his afterword he credits his wife and her sisters for the wonderful example of the relationship between sisters and their strength.

Lisey’s Story is a strong, enjoyable novel. Despite the breadth of his work, I still tend to think of King as a horror novel writer. But Lisey’s Story may finally convince me that his other non-horror work isn’t a fluke. This is a complex novel that is worth the effort. I’m glad I followed my impulse and decided to read it.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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