Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters


Historical Mystery

Lion in the Valley (Amelia Peabody Murder Mystery) Lion in the ValleyElizabeth Peters; Avon 1999WorldCatEmerson and Peabody are returning to Egypt for another archeological dig. This time they are finally going to Dashoor. This dig includes the pyramids Amelia so loves. Of course Ramses and the cat Bastet go with them. Ramses is now 8 years old and still as precocious as ever.

Amelia is quickly rescuing “lost souls” in Cairo. She meets a beggar who is an Englishman down on his luck. He is starting to use opium. After he rescues Ramses from a kidnapping, Amelia is certain she can keep him from being totally addicted and brings him along to watch over Ramses. A young Englishwoman is flauting around Cairo and disappears when a man is found dead in her bed. She also seeks out Amelia for help.

Meanwhile, the Master Criminal that Emerson and Amelia tangled with in the last book shows his presence again. He is identified as Sethos. In Egyptian history, Sethos was the great Ramses father. Now he is the master of disguises and keeps visiting the Emersons without their knowledge.

Amelia and her wicked parasol are kept busy in this book. The final confrontation between Amelia and Sethos startled me. She is busy trying to prove who killed the man in the hotel room bed, who is trying to kill her new guardian for Ramses, and catch Sethos. Lion in the Valley is a light mystery, one that had me chuckling many times at both Amelia’s and Emerson’s personalities.

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