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Liberty Falling (Anna Pigeon Mysteries) Liberty FallingNevada Barr; Avon 2000WorldCatMolly Pigeon has become very ill and may die. Anna, her sister, takes a leave from her ranger post and hurries to New York City to watch over the sister who has helped her so much in the past. Taking advantage of her position with the National Parks Service, Anna stays with a friend in a dwelling on Liberty Island, under the Statue of Liberty. At night, when she is trying to escape people, she sits in the ruins of the old hospital on Ellis Island.

Anna spends a lot of her time at the hospital where Molly is in ICU on a respirator. She spends most of the other time at the two islands. As she is preparing to catch the boat to Manhattan one morning, a young boy falls off the statue and dies from multiple traumatic injuries. One tourist claims the park ranger pushed the youth.

When Anna isn’t sitting with Molly, her natural curiosity starts to kick in. What happened on Liberty Island? As more people are hurt, she begins to suspect a larger agenda. Can she discover it before something disastrous happens?

Liberty Falling is another book in the Anna Pigeon series. We get to meet her sister Molly in person rather than on the phone. A character from past books appears again. Anna once again finds herself in a dangerous position. The book is readable, enjoyable. It isn’t great writing. I was looking in the wrong direction for the murderer, but was on to the mystery.

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