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Left Behind Left BehindTim F. LaHaye; Tyndale House Publishers 1996WorldCatMillions of people suddenly disappear around the world. Their clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc, remain in their places. Cars lose drivers and crash. Air traffic loses controllers, pilots, and staff. Planes crash. So do trains, subways, and all sorts of transportation. Whole families disappear. In other families only one or two members disappear. In yet others, the families remain intact. More people die after the disappearance in the ensuiing accidents.

Rayford Steele is piloting a Pan Global jet across the Atlantic Ocean towards England when a few dozen passengers on his plane disappear. Hattie Durham, a flight attendant, is responsible to inform him and help keep passengers from panicking. Cameron “Buck” Williams, a star reporter for a weekly news magazine, is on the same plane. He saw what happened on the airplane and knows he has an exclusive story. When he can finally get a telephone line attached to his wireless computer’s modem, he discovers that the phenomenon is global, not just in his immediate environment.

Rayford Steele is able to turn the airplane back west and return to Chicago. Everything on the ground is in chaos. As he flies back, he is afraid he knows what has happened. His wife had been telling him about the time when Jesus was going to come back for His people. Rayford was certain when he was finally able to reach his home, he would find his wife, Irene, and young son had disappeared. How about his daughter who was attending Stanford University? Had his disbelief of Irene’s faith cause him to be left behind? Would he be able to understand now, and perhaps join her?

Buck Williams is able to discover his father and brother are alive. But his sister-in-law and his brother’s children were part of the group that disappeared. Buck is given the assignment of pulling together all the theories of the disappearances. He starts to investigate people’s opinions as he makes his way back to New York City.

Buck learns for Hattie that her mother and sister are still alive. She doesn’t let him or Rayford go. He has given her his personal telephone number. Hattie continually calls Rayford and Buck as she tries to get past her fear. She doesn’t know the path ahead.

Yes, this is a blatantly Christian novel that shows the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. It is excellent. The reader gets tied up in Rayford’s, Buck’s, and the other main characters’ lives. The mental pictures presented are realistic portrayals of how the world will be affected by the coming Rapture.

Of course, many people don’t agree with this portrayal of the future. Jesus Christ’s religion is not accepted by all. There are those who believe in His salvation who don’t believe this prophecy of the future. Although it doesn’t show through often in these pages, I agree with the prophecy of the Rapture and following Tribulation. I believe in Christ’s saving grace.

The book that LaHaye and Jenkins have given us is realistic without being gory or too graphic. The characters come to life. The book gives a personal viewpoint of the end times to come. If you want to read this, not believe the religious implications, and consider it as science fiction, you’ll find a wonderful story waiting for you.

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