Lady of Seduction by Laurel McKee


Historical RomanceLady of Seduction by Laurel McKee

Lady of SeductionLaurel McKee; Forever 2011WorldCatCaroline Blacknall, Lady Hartley, has been writing Ireland’s history. It’s only been five years since the 1798 uprising and the tightening of English rule. There’s a valuable research book she knew she had to see. Few copies of The Chronicle of Kildare still exist. One is held by the man who had kidnapped her and her sister a few years earlier. Now Sir Grant Dunmore lives on the isolated island Muirin Inish, just off the coast of Ireland. Her husband has died. Her stepdaughter has married. Her sister is married with two children. No one is counting on Caroline. She leaves for the book and man she must see again.

Grant sees Caroline again when he rescues her from the boat that capsized off Muirin Inish. He doesn’t want her there. She reminds him of his guilt and past. Now he has changed, but can’t let her know that. She can’t get involved in his problems and intrigues. He must send her back to Dublin as quickly as possible. Life had another plan for him. After she saves him from a murderer, they leave Muirin Inish and take flight across the Irish countryside to Dublin. Grant has to keep Caroline alive so she can return to her former life. He would once again isolate himself off the Irish coast.

Lady of Seduction is two stories. Laurel McKee has written another chapter in Ireland’s history, leading to a failed rebellion in 1803 in Dublin. Lady of Seduction is also a very graphic soft porn story. The sex scenes are numerous, explicit and hot. The excitement of the flight and the times tie up the book giving it meat.

The book is slow but consistent. I couldn’t walk away – I had to know what happened next. Being the genre it is, I knew how the book would eventually end. Even so, it’s a wild ride in Lady of Seduction to get there.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence

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