Knock Out by Catherine Coulter


Romantic Suspense

KnockOut KnockOutCatherine Coulter; Jove 2010Paranormal MysteryWorldCatA woman and her psychic daughter run to Titusville, Virginia, to escape. Sheriff Ethan Merriweather meets Joanna Bachman when her daughter Autumn disappears. While trying to save them he meets the strangest family he has ever met. Before meeting the Bachmans he didn’t believe in psychic or paranormal powers. But after meeting Autumn and her uncles, he has to revise his thinking.

Dillon Savich happens to be in a Washington DC bank when a known group of bank robbers come in. They always leave some dead people behind. The Group of Four has a woman in it and a teen age girl. Dillon is able to help stop the robbers. But people die. the remaining robbers escape, vowing revenge on Dillon and the bank guard who shot them. Dillon and his wife, Sherlock, end up following the escapees as they go on a killing spree as they plan their revenge.

Autumn, the little girl, is able to contact Dillon psychically. He and Sherlock go to Titusville in between the Gang of Four rampages to meet Ethan, Joanna, and Autumn. The Bachman family will do anything to get Autumn, including killing Autumn’s mother, Joanna. But they haven’t reckoned with Dillon, Ethan, and Autumn herself.

Catherine Coulter’s Knock Out has all the elements of a super romantic suspense that is light on the romance. Yet it never quite clicked for me. I enjoyed it well enough and Autumn is adorable. The robber out to get revenge is certifiably crazy. Ethan’s relationship with Joanna and Autumn goes along well. The Bachman stronghold is creepy. And Blessed Bachman – I hope I never meet anyone like him.

Knock Out is a quick bit of escape when you want to ignore the rest of the world for a while.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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