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Killing Time Killing TimeLinda Howard; Ballantine Books 2006WorldCatKnox Davis is a sheriff in Eastern Kentucky. When he was 15, the people of Pekesville buried a time capsule. Now, 20 years later, it is discovered missing. There’s a hole in the ground and dirt where it should have been by the flagpole, but no footprints or box. Although Knox works for the county, he loves a mystery and the missing time capsule is challenging. Then a local attorney is found dead in his home with a spear in his back. Again, there is no sign of anyone going in or out. Plus the spear is just plain strange.

Knox discovers Nikita examining the house where the attorney lived. She explains she is with the FBI. She is investigating a string of murders that may be related, which includes the local attorney. She shows him her credentials. She hopes it doesn’t go further than that, because Knox won’t find her in the FBI records. She is with them, but her unit is completely separate from the main offices the sheriff can check.

Knox reluctantly acknowledges the two will have to work together. What was in the time capsule important enough for someone to commit murder? When the killer discovers Nikita is in Pekesville, she becomes another target. She and Knox are fighting an attraction as well. She knows she can’t stay with him nor, if he knew her full story, would he want her. Her citizenship status has pushed away men in her past and probably will again. Now Knox and Nikita have to find the murderer(s), protect her, and fight their own feelings.

I’ll admit I was surprised by Nikita’s twist in the novel. I have read other books by Linda Howard and wasn’t expecting that. Killing Time is an enjoyable beach or lazy rainy afternoon romantic suspense novel. The violence isn’t graphic, although some of the sex scenes are. The ending epilogue ties it up wonderfully.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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