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SuspenseKill for Me by Karen Rose

Kill for MeKaren Rose; Grand Central Pub. 2009WorldCatSusannah Vartanian has returned to Dutton first for her parents’ funeral, then to face down her sordid past. She doesn’t want to be there, but she comes. She gets out to a house where kidnapped teen aged girls are being held captive for prostitution. By the time her brother Daniel and Luke Papadopoulos get to the house, they only find five dead girls and one almost dead. Susannah is able to rescue their uncommunicative Jane Doe.

The evil in Dutton gets worse. The week before the Daniel and the GBI had uncovered the Ritchie Rich Rapists that had been kidnapping and raping women for years in Dutton. Susannah had been one of the victims of that gang that had included her other brother Simon, now dead. Then they follow leads that take them to the house where the young girls were being held. When they discover the girls they find more links to the people in Dutton and Susannah’s family. Daniel gets seriously wounded in the raid. Now Susannah has to work with Luke to find the young girls still missing and the people who have been kidnapping and prostituting them.

The people who have had control of the town for years want to maintain their hold and their schemes. Susannah is a block to many of them and hated by others. She is a target. The people running the kidnapping scheme have spies in all levels of Dutton and different government agencies, including the GBI and the team trying to break up the ring. They want to maintain their hold and more people die to protect the guilty. Luke and his team try to discover who’s involved. Also, Luke is trying to prove to Susannah that she is worth something and he’d like to show her how much. But too much has happened to her over the years. She doesn’t like herself and feels she is worthless. Can Luke, Daniel, and the mysterious young Jane Doe convince her otherwise?

Kill for Me takes up where Scream for Me leaves off. There are many references to the happenings that are better explained in Die for Me and Scream for Me (so I’m guessing). Fortunately the explanations come often enough in Kill for Me that someone picking up this novel first will be able to figure out what is going on – me in this case.

From the beginning this novel by Karen Rose has a sinister feeling. It deals with internet pornography, kidnapping, child pornography, rape, murder, blackmail, and torture. Luke Papadopoulos is one of the few bright lights in this book. Daniel Vartanian was the hero of Scream for Me and so a happier character, but he and his fiancee Alex are mostly background characters in this book.

Kill for Me gives shivers – it’s not a book to read alone on a dark night. If the reader can handle the subject matter the book is compelling. The reader knows what is happening to the victims, but fortunately the actual incidents are never described – instead the other people’s reactions tell of the atrocities that have happened. In some ways, that makes the book even more sinister because we don’t see what actually happened. Our imaginations can unfortunately fill in many blanks.

Notice:  Graphic violence; Strong sexual content

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