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RomanceSuspenseKill and Tell by Linda Howard

Kill and TellLinda Howard; Pocket Star 2003WorldCatWhen Karen Whitlaw was growing up, her Viet Nam vet father was rarely around. When her mother dies suddenly she receives a package from her father for her mother. She puts it away unopened and forgets about it as she adjusts her life. Then she gets a telephone call from New Orleans homicide detective Marc Chastain. Her father was a homeless man in New Orleans and has been murdered. Could she come to Louisiana from Ohio to identify him?

Karen flies to New Orleans expecting the proceedings to be something to be gotten through. She doesn’t expect to find that she still had feelings for her father despite his absence. She also is surprised to discover her attraction for Marc. When she rushes back to Ohio, she understands her attraction was because he was nice and sympathetic to her. He paid her attention and helped her through a rough spot. Or is it more?

When someone tries to kill her not once but twice, she knows something more is going on. Why would she be a target? Presumably because of her father, but what is going on? She contacts Marc for a place to hide until they can learn who wants what from her. Marc will keep her safe.

Kill and Tell is an uneven book. I liked the mystery – it is full of hinted at secrets that aren’t obvious but aren’t surprising when revealed. That’s more of an “or course!” moment. The mystery is well done and interesting to follow.

The romance is too easy, too fast, and too unbelievable. The first meeting between Marc and Karen is interesting and full of the promise for a good story. After that it falls apart. I know that many books in this romantic suspense genre have two people meeting and falling in love within days. Some pull it off. Linda Howard doesn’t quite make in in Kill and Tell.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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