Kidnapped at Birth? by Louis Sachar


ChildrenKidnapped at Birth? by Louis Sachar Kidnapped at Birth?Louis Sachar; Random House 1992WorldCatMarvin Redpost has red hair and blue eyes. His parents, brother, and sister have brown hair and brown eyes. Then the King of Shampoon arrives in the United States looking for his missing son. Marvin now knows why he is different. He’s not a Redpost at all. Instead, he was kidnapped at birth from Shampoon. The kidnappers swapped him in the hospital with the real Marvin Redpost. He is really Prince Robert.

But how does he tell his “parents” who he really is? Is he ready to be a prince? His friends are already treating him like he is different. What will happen once he claims his true life?

Louis Sachar knows children very well. When we were children many of us decided we were in the wrong family – somebody had to have goofed. My daughter spent many years saying she belonged to a different family (even though she looks like me). In Kidnapped at Birth? Marvin’s dream of being a prince is normal.

Sachar’s audience for Kidnapped at Birth? is the 7 and 8 year old group – early readers. My granddaughter will love this book. These kids will understand the children in Marvin’s school including the bully and Marvin’s friends. It makes sense that Marvin starts calling his parents Mr. and Mrs. Redpost once he decides he’s not their child. Marvin’s conflicts over his future

Kidnapped at Birth? is an easy to read book that kids and parents will find delightful.

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