Katwalk by Karen Kijewski


MysteryKatwalk (Kat Colorado Mysteries) KatwalkKaren Kijewski; Avon 1990WorldCat

Kat Colorado is a detective in Sacramento who has been hired by her friend, Charity. Charity is an advice columnist who is divorcing her husband. The husband has stolen $200,000 from her. He says he lost it gambling in Las Vegas. She is sure he stole it and used it for something else. She asks Kat to investigate.

Kat knows she should not work for a friend, but has to agree. She starts digging and goes to Las Vegas. She met an old school friend at the airport. He took her out to dinner as soon as she was in. While they were out, she walked into a bathroom. There on the floor of the plush necessary room was a young woman with a slit throat.

Once she starts nosing around things get worse. It seems Charity’s ex-husband was involved in a real estate deal that was funded with with illegal skimmed money from the casinos. The dead woman is not reported in the newspaper. A policeman has to rescue her when a man tries to pick her up against her will. The more she digs, the more trouble seems to find her.

Kat has not dealt with murder or violence before. In Sacramento her investigations were for information, not for people. She gets herself and others into physical danger.

Katwalk is the first of Karen Kijewski’s Kat Colorado detective series. She is not a fool, but is somewhat naive for Las Vegas despite her own beliefs. The mystery in Katwalk is good. The obvious villain stands out; did he really do it? I thought I figured it out based on my knowledge for formula mystery. I was wrong.

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