Kat’s Cradle by Karen Kijewski


MysteryKat's Cradle (Kat Colorado Mysteries) Kat’s CradleKaren Kijewski; Crimeline 1992WorldCat

Kat Colorado is approached by a young woman who wants to know about her parents. Apparently they had died in an automobile accident when she was a baby and Paige was raised by her grandmother. She had no details, only her mother’s maiden name, a birth date for herself, and a possible time and place for the accident. Kat understands the need to know about your family. She had been an orphan as well.

Kat starts looking for information about Ruby Morrell, Paige’s mother. Nothing is found in the area where the accident may have occurred at the time it may have occurred. So Kat returned to the old family home and starts looking for Ruby before she ran away from home. Kat soon discovers Ruby had a twin, Opal. Now Kat is looking for information on two people.

Kat’s Cradle mystery kept me guessing. I should have gone to sleep but instead stayed up last night until it was finished. Kat’s personal life is interwoven around the mystery so we have her character development as well. Karen Kijewski’s mystery has twists and turns throughout. Kat never realizes she is in serious danger until it is too late. While the character development would suggest reading this mystery series in order (Katwalk and Katapult are the first two) this mystery stands well on its own.

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