Kat Scratch Fever by Karen Kijewski



Kat Scratch Fever (Kat Colorado Mysteries) Kat Scratch FeverKaren Kijewski; Berkley 1998WorldCat

Kat Colorado has been hired to follow one of Sacramento’s prominent lawyers. He has been acting oddly and his firm members are concerned. He commits suicide. Kat has not figured yet what was going on, so she is retained to follow up and find the answers.

Soon she is hired by another person who has only one tie to the dead man. This woman has also been a generous donator to a local children’s charity. She was blackmailed into the donation. She believes the same may have been true about the deceased lawyer.

Kat starts delving into the donation records of the charity. There appear to be some discrepancies in the books and the reasons for some of the large donations. Can she find the solution before her loved ones are embroiled in the mess? How much danger is she in? Can she solve the mystery before the slimeball reporter reports all too soon?

This is a well done novel. Kat Colorado stories are the hard line detective type. The mystery takes the reader around in interesting circles. These stories still have the personal side to add to the overall story line. I had to laugh at Kat when her friend Charity takes her to a large function for the children’s fund. Kat did not want to get the fancy clothes that Charity would choose for her. Yet Kat’s normal uniform of jeans and denim shirt would not be appropriate, either. The writing is tight and keeps the reader going through. Enjoy!

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