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Romantic SuspenseJordan by Susan Kearney JordanSusan Kearney; Forever 2010WorldCat

Earth is in danger of being destroyed by the Tribes. The only way to defeat them and save Earth is to go to one of their planets and steal back the Holy Grail. Vivianne Blackstone is the CEO of the company that is building a spaceship that has a chance of traveling through hyperspace to reach the Tribe planet. She has hired the mysterious Jordan McArthur as the chief engineer of the project. But as the ship is nearing completion, she discovers Jordan is not who he represented himself to be on his resume. And he’s been secretive about many aspects of the ship building. She is confronting him when he tries a new energy source. The next thing Vivianne and the engineers on board the ship know, they are out in space, leaving Earth behind.

Jordan explains to an unbelieving Vivianne that he is from a planet that the Tribe destroyed hundreds of years earlier. In fact, he came to Earth with others fighting the Tribes. He was known as Merlin during King Arthur’s time. Now that he has his Staff finally returned, he has a chance to finally save Earth and destroy the Tribes – or at least the man who betrayed him. Vivianne has problems believing his story. But they’re in space. The crew is a group of engineers trained to build the ship, not men trained to travel in space. When they go through hyperspace, they are cut off from Earth.

Not only do they need to retrieve the Holy Grail, but Jordan has to bring it together with his Staff. Then they will have the strength they need and the Tribes will lose the power of the Grail. But once the two merge, Jordan will finally die. In the meantime, Vivianne and Jordan have to deal with the feelings the Staff engenders in them – intense attraction and lust.

This is the third book in the Pendragon series (the last – I’m not sure because somehow I got it in my head there are supposed to be six?). The reader has to once again suspend belief and have a good time with this novel. Vivianne and Jordan are both dragon shifters. Of course they can’t shift while in the space ship but the attraction is still there. Susan Kearney does a pretty good job with the engineers in space, although they accept things pretty quickly. I would have thought they would be more frightened – freaked out is the slang that occurs to me to be the best description.

Their quest is edgy enough to keep the reader interested even knowing the ultimate ending (this IS a romance, you know). There are a few surprises along the way for the reader. Jordan is escapism romance with substance. Jordan is better if you’ve read the first two, but stands alone as well.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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