Jade Island by Elizabeth Lowell


Romantic SuspenseSuspense

Jade Island (Donovan, Book 2) Jade Island
Ann Maxwell; Avon 1999

Lianna Blakely’s business is jade art, usually Chinese. She appraises it, cares for it, and occasionally can afford to buy it. Her largest client is her own family – although they don’t acknowledge her. Her mother was never married to Johnny Tang. The Tang family has connections throughout China, Canada, and in America. They respect tradition to their bones. Lianna cannot be acknowledge because she is not a legitimate daughter. Yet she strives to earn their respect and acceptance. She needs it emotionally even though logically she knows she won’t get it. When her father asks her to strike up a friendship with Kyle Donovan, she eventually agrees for his sake.

Kyle Donovan’s business is also jade – buying and selling as well as collecting. His brother Archer wants him to start a friendship with Lianna. The United States government believes she may be part of an exclusive jade theft ring. Kyle is reluctant. He recently was nearly killed after believing a woman. Now he wants to avoid any more entanglements. He realizes though, that Archer is serious. Kyle approaches Lianna at the charity Asian art auction that evening. The woman attracts him more than he would have thought possible.

Lianna had noticed Kyle Donovan before. He is a man a woman couldn’t miss. She encourages a friendship with him for her own sake as well as her father’s. Then she recognizes a jade blade at the auction. It should be locked up in her grandfather Tang’s safe. Why is it here being auctioned by the Tangs’ competitors? It had to be a duplicate. Who could steal Wen Tang’s jade? Does the average-looking man who has been following her have anything to do with this?

When Lianna runs into trouble, Kyle rescues her. She pulls him into Tang family politics. He pulls her into Donovan family warmth. Soon they are involved with the international politics of jade theft and art. When their lives are threatened they know the stakes must be bigger than first believed. Then Lianna is arrested for grand theft of priceless jade from her grandfather’s collection. By now Kyle doesn’t believe she is involved. They just have to prove it to Archer, to the Tangs, and to the world.

The Donovan men are great for romantic suspense novels. They are good looking, large, dangerous, honest, wealthy, and loving. I certainly wouldn’t mind meeting any of them. The sisters hold their own as well. Lianna Blakely is a strong Chinese American heroine. She is small but a fighter. When she and Kyle Donovan get together, the sparks that Elizabeth Lowell writes so well fly. Jade Island is a suspenseful romance that keeps the reader coming for more. Plus, it’s a chance to learn more about the semi-precious jade stones.

Although Jade Island is part of the Donovan saga series, it stands on its own. The only reason to read the novels in order is because we find out the after part of family members from earlier books. But if you like this genre, you know what’s going to happen from reading the back of the book, so it really doesn’t matter if you learn about the other family members. Jade Island is a good escapist book, a way to forget the real world for a few hours.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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