Invaders! by Gordon R. Dickson


Science FictionInvaders! by Gordon R. Dickson

Invaders!Gordon R. Dickson; Baen 1985WorldCatGordon R. Dickson is one of the classic writers in the field of science fiction. He has been on my “gotta read something of that author” list for a long time, and I never quite got around to it. But I was reaching somewhat blindly into one of my boxes of books patiently waiting for my attention and pulled this out. Now I know why his work is commended.

This book contains a group of his short stories, ending with one called “Invaders”. All of these stories deal with people, explorers, pioneers from Earth and interactions with aliens on different worlds. Each interaction is different, and most are resolved peacefully rather than through fighting. (Although trickery, both unwittingly and wittingly is often used.)

The stories in this volume were published through a 20 year span from 1951 to 1971. “Law Twister Shorty” plays with words and understanding. “Itco’s Strong Right Arm” has religion used in a new way. “Ricochet on Miza” has a surprise ending that fits wonderfully.

The publisher is out of stock. I found this at a used bookstore. Wherever you find these stories, they’ll tickle your alien encounters’ enjoyment.

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