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Inside Job Inside JobConnie Willis; Subterranean Press 2005WorldCat

Rob is the editor of a tabloid devoted to debunking myths and frauds, The Jaundiced Eye. Kildy is an ex-movie star who is tired of the Hollywood scene and is now a reporter for The Jaundiced Eye. She calls Rob with a tip. There’s a new channeler in Beverly Hills. Rob starts doing his research while she buys them tickets to the medium’s next gig. She had been to a session and knew Rob had to see the woman. Kildy, a professional skeptic now, had seen something that didn’t make sense.

When Rob sees Ariaura Keller’s set up, he mentally laughs at the “suckers” while trying to determine the best way to expose the phoney channeler. When Rob walks out with Kildy, he isn’t laughing. They saw something that wasn’t on the program and didn’t make sense. There is no way they could have seen what they think they have seen, yet…

Once again Connie Willis has put together a tight novella that is a joy to read. Inside Job is written in the first person narrative from Rob’s perspective. The reader follows his thoughts of past encounters, the meetings with Ariaura Keller, and his unease over Kildy and her motives for staying with The Jaundiced Eye. The characters are developed nicely for a story of this length. The scenario Willis has developed in the Inside Job is wonderfully ironic.

I borrowed this book for the library. I’ll want to buy it when it goes on sale. Sorry Ms. Willis and Subterranean Press, but I choked back when hardback books went up in the low $20 range. I’m not ready to pay over $30 for a book less than a hundred pages long. But I’ll keep reading anything with Connie Willis’ name on it!

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