Inkspell by Cornelia Funke


Young Adult

FantasyInkspell InkspellCornelia Funke, Cornelia Caroline Funke; The Chicken House 2005WorldCatMeggie cannot forget Inkheart, the book that had caused so much trouble for her and her father, Mo, a year earlier. Yet it had given her back her mother, Resa, and brought Farid into her reality. Farid now stays with Dustfinger, yet is as drawn to Meggie as she is to him.

The Inkheart world attracts Meggie. Dustfinger finds a way to return to the ink world and his home, back to his Roxanne. He is able to renew his friendships with the Motley Folk and the Black Prince. Fire dances once again for him as it only can in the Inkheart world. Farid, though, is left behind in Meggie’s world. He cannot bear to be parted from Dustfinger. So Farid convinces Meggie to read him in to join Dustfinger. Meggie uses the chance to read herself into that world as well. Now she gets her chance to see the fairies, the fire elves, and the Black Prince’s pet bear.

Meggie is old enough to know her parents, especially her father, will be upset with her and miss her. She only plans a short visit. She is certain that Inkheart’s author, Fenoglio, will be able to writer her back home. What Meggie doesn’t know is that Mortola and Basta find her parents in her world. They have themselves read back into their own ink world, taking Mo and Resa with them. Mo’s life is in mortal danger because of Mortola’s hate of him.

Fenoglio is distressed and angry because his Inkheart world has twisted in ways he had not intended when writing it. The Laughing Prince has become the Prince of Sighs now that his son has died in a battle against the Fire Raisers. The Motley Folk are not welcome anywhere except during festivals. Even then, they are deemed dangerous. The ink world has grown darker and more dangerous than Fenoglio had intended. Now that he has Meggie and her talent, he hopes to “write” its wrongs.

Inkspell is a sequel to Inkheart (in case you didn’t guess). Inkspell is a worthy sequel, going into the ink world that spawned Dustfinger, Capricorn, and the other characters in Inkheart. Inkspell doesn’t try to imitate the first book, but instead takes the story in a new, interesting direction. Inkheart was a stand alone book that left the ideas to use in Inkspell.

Inkspell is fascinating and well done. Dustfinger is more prominent, a worthy protagonist. At 13, Meggie is a conflicted girl – still young at times, but growing up quickly. Farid is there to encourage her emotional growth. Resa, only a minor character in the first novel, now becomes important to the story. And the ink world – it is as promised in Inkheart and more. The intended audience for Inkspell is a bit older than the first book. There are more adult themes and language. It is still aimed at the older child or young adult. That doesn’t prevent us “old” adults from thoroughly enjoying this novel. Cornelia Funke has written another enchanting fantasy novel.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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