Inkheart by Cornelia Funke


Young Adult

FantasyInkheart InkheartCornelia Funke; The Chicken House 2003WorldCatMeggie lives with her father Mo, a book binder. He has transferred his love of books to her. She even sleeps with her current book under her pillow. Sometimes she can almost hear them whispering to her. Mo always has books around him. He also makes up wonderful stories to tell her. Her mother had disappeared when she was three-years-old.

One night a strange character appears outside their home. Mo invites Dustfinger in and sends Meggie to bed so they could talk. But Meggie wants to know what they are discussing. She sneaks up and listens through the door. Dustfinger is warning Mo about Capricorn. Even the man’s name sends a chill through Meggie.

The next morning Mo packs Meggie off and they go visit Meggie’s great-aunt Eleanor. Eleanor’s home is a three story library. Mo says he is here to finally fix the books that Eleanor needs repaired. Meggie also hears him ask Eleanor to hide a book, the one she saw him handle the night before after Dustfinger had left. What is so special about that book? Who is this scary-sounding Capricorn?

Meggie doesn’t know how soon she will be meeting Capricorn. He may be the most evil person on earth. He certainly appears heartless. He is definitely terrifying. He will use Meggie to convince Mo to do what he wants. Capricorn knows Mo will do anything to protect Meggie.

Inkheart is an excellent book. The premise of Mo’s talent is fascinating. The characters are well defined. This is not a book for younger children or those who scare easily. I knew it was going to end well yet wasn’t sure how and was leery of Capricorn. When the characters voluntarily return to his base, I wanted to yell out loud at them for being so stupid. Nothing was worth facing him again. Cornelia Funke made the characters came to life for me.

Read this. Capricorn is a frightening character, but Meggie is loveable and Mo is a true white knight.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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