Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke


Young Adult

ChildrenInkdeath InkdeathCornelia Funke, Chicken House/Scholastic Inc. 2008WorldCatOmbra had been a place created by the author Fenoglio in his book, Inkheart. Meggie’s magic voice read her into Ombra, a land she wanted to visit since she first read about it. Her bookbinder father Mo and mother Resa followed her there. So did Farid, the boy she loves, Orpheus, a villain from Capricorn’s court, Fenoglio himself, and Dustfinger, a strolling player longing to return to Ombra.

But their trip to Ombra has not gone well. They tried to revive the prince, Cosimo the Fair, to return Ombra back to a world of peace. Instead, the interference from the humans have turned the story away from what Fenoglio originally wrote. Dustfinger dies. The world of Ombra and its characters have taken on their own life. Mo is pulled into the life of a Robin Hood type robber called the Bluejay. He tries to keep Meggie and Resa away from that life. They know what Mo is doing and as things get worse in Ombra, they go into hiding with him.

The Adder, an evil ruler from the mountains, wants Mo to cure a book. This book makes the Adder immortal. It’s also damaged, making the Adder so sick he doesn’t go into public. The Adder’s daughter, Violante, wants him to die so she can take over his throne. Orpheus now uses his magic voice to change Ombra still more. Fenoglio is sinking into a deep depression and can’t write anything. He can’t write them all out of Ombra and back to the world they once knew. In order to save Meggie, Resa, and Ombra, Mo must be the Bluejay and turn himself in to the Adder. The Adder has vowed there won’t be an escape for the Bluejay but only torture.

I loved the original novel in this series, Inkheart, despite the violence and cruelty. I liked Inkspell, the sequel, but not as much. I felt like I was fighting my way through Inkdeath. Again there is cruelty and the ever looming threat of violence. At times the violence breaks out in heartbreaking pictures.

Cornelia wrote these books in German and then in English. I don’t know if that was my problem or just the story itself. Although you know it will turn out well in the end, it doesn’t look like it will anywhere along the way. The book is too long, too complex, and too dark. It was difficult for me to read. I was looking forward to reading it. I’m sorry I couldn’t enjoy it more.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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