Injustice for All by J.A. Jance


Injustice for All MysteryInjustice for AllJ. A. Jance; Avon 2004WorldCatJ.P. Beaumont is on vacation. He is sleeping in his hotel room by the shore when he hears a woman screaming. He is spurred out to help her drag a man’s body from the cold water. He is dead. He was her friend and co-worker. Ginger Watkins and the dead man both worked for the Washington State Parole Board.

Beau helps Ginger back to his room to warm her up while they wait for the police. He learns that she is the wife of a prominent political figure running for re-election in Washington. She wants to divorce her husband, and the dead man had been her supportive friend.

They had been threatened by a man whose wife and daughter had been killed by a convict they had allowed out on parole. The man, Don Wilson, is now fighting to change the system to gain assistance for victims and reformation in the Parole Board. He didn’t want what happened to his family to happen to someone else. He also threatened that Watkins and her friend would “pay.” The police now start looking for Wilson.

Beau finds himself working to protect the Parole Board. As a cop, he and the Board rarely see eye-to eye. But something is going on. As more people related to the Board die, and he is framed for one of the deaths, he knows he has to discover the truth. Is that the connection, or is there another angle?

This is the second book in the J.P. Beaumont series set in the Seattle area. It is a short, quick read. The mystery is well devised (which I’ve learned to expect from Jance), with twists by the end. This furthers the story of Beau, which started in the first novel, so that one should be read first for the personal story. For the mystery itself, the book stands on its own.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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