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Improbable cause Improbable CauseJudith A. Jance; Avon 1988WorldCatJ.P. Beaumont is a homicide detective in Seattle. When this book opens he is with his partner, Al Lindstrom, at the scene of the murder of a dentist. There has obviously been a fight. But then the man was left in his chair and stabbed in the throat with a dental pick. Two days later his receptionist discovers the body.

Beaumont and Lindstrom first have to find Dr. Nielson’s family. They finally discover his mother is in the hospital recovering from a broken hip after a fall. His wife has disappeared with the children into the women’s shelter system. His aunts protect his mother and won’t reveal which hospital is caring for her. They don’t know where his wife is, either.

They quickly learn that Dr. Nielson was a abusive, controlling man. When Beaumont finally meets the widow, he learns that she had had a confrontation with him the day he died. He had promised her money. There had been a carpet installer there as well who also had an argument with the dentist. The carpet wasn’t being laid to his precise specifications.

Improbable Cause has an surprising twist at the end. Jance brings the feel of Seattle to life as Beaumont travels around the city. This novel is part of the ongoing series I enjoy. It is not as strong as some of her others I’ve read, but it still is an entertaining read.

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