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Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3) Immortal in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley 1996WorldCatEve Dallas is getting married next month. That does not stop her from doing her job as a detective with the Homicide Department of the NYPSD. In this futuristic murder mystery, murder victims with their faces bashed in are being found. When Eve’s best friend, Mavis, is charged with one of the murders, Eve knows she will find the evidence to clear Mavis.

There also seems to be an illegal drug connection. There is a new drug out called Immortality. It makes the user stronger, look younger, feel younger, and overall improves appearance and immediate health. It is very addictive. And after about five years worth of use, it kills. The high profile victim Mavis supposedly killed was using Immortality. The low profile victim Eve is also investigating had a stash of the new drug in his living quarters.

Eve is tied up in wedding nerves and preparation, abusive childhood memories starting to surface, clearing Mavis, and tracking down the murderer(s?). She knows she loves Roarke and he loves her. She is still afraid of marriage. She is sure she knows who murdered those people, yet the suspect keeps eluding her final proof.

I stayed right with this novel. Eve is a tough cop and falls into the hard boiled detective category. A dark picture of future New York City is painted. Yet this one does not overwhelm in its coloring. Even when Eve supposedly cracked the case, there was a bit too much book left. The answer was unsuspected until practically the end. Hard boiled or not, Eve also has a soft side that only Roarke and Mavis see. That soft side is what keeps her from being a dislikeable character. This mystery will keep you guessing.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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